Children's Festival - April 6, 2019

  • 06 Apr 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Roosevelt High School, Johnstown, CO


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • Participant in Children's Festival

Event Date: Saturday April 6, 2019


Location: Roosevelt High School
616 N. 2nd Street, Johnstown, Colorado

The Johnstown-Milliken Weld RE-5J Preschool and Johnstown Milliken News are planning the annual 2019 Children’s Festival. This event is held for families with young children and is an opportunity for them to receive information about health, safety, early childhood development/education and organization/business resources in our community. The environment is meant to be fun, inviting and engaging. It is an opportunity for families in our community to learn about what your organization/business has to offer them.

Plans currently include:

  • Entertainment
  • Swagger – (Like a Cake Walk) Held at regular intervals throughout the day for 2-12 yr old.
  • Community Services – including police and fire departments and the med evac helicopter.
  • Lunch & Snacks

Booth Information:

  • MUST HAVE an activity for children
  • 8 x 8 OR 10 x 10 booth space
  • One Table and Two Chairs Provided
  • Lunch – available with pre-ordering



Direct Sales Companies will be limited to one each – first come, first served.

Please check the list of currently registered direct sales vendors.

If your company is on this list, please do not register or pay for a booth.


Printable Sponsorship and Booth Fees

Notable Dates:

Wed February 27.....Sponsorship due - for full benefits 

Fri March 22...Registration Deadline 

Fri March 22.....Lunch Order Deadline

March 22 – 29.....Weld RE-5J Spring Break

Fri March 29.....Registration Deadline with Late Fee

Sat April 6, 7:00-9:30am.....Set Up + refreshments

Sat April 6, 10:00am-3:00pm.....Event

Contact Info:

Chanin Gaona - Director of Johnstown Milliken Weld RE-5J Preschool
Phone: 970-587-6147

Lisa – Children’s Festival planning committee

On facebook at: Children’s Festival – Johnstown Milliken (

Thank you!!

Organizers/Large Sponsors:

The Johnstown Milliken Preschool Program Advisory Council including…

  • Johnstown-Milliken District Preschool/Weld County School District RE5J
  • Johnstown Milliken News
  • Blooming Littles Learning Center
  • Colorado Early Education Network (CEEN) - Head Start

Additional Info:

Entertainment & Interactive Audience Participation Activities

Entertainment is a significant part of the Children’s Festival.  It showcases the talents/skills that are cultivated in our children by local programs and businesses.  This event provides a unique performance opportunity and great time for the families of the young talent to see a performance and enjoy the other festivities together.  In addition to entertainment provided by children in our community, there maybe performances that appeal to children, and the opportunity for interactive audience participation activities.  Some examples of the schedule may include:

  • Martial arts demos
  • Piano performances
  • Dance routines
  • Cheerleading
  • Safety Demo
  • Robotics Demo
  • Story Telling

If you are interested in providing entertainment or an activity please complete an entertainment registration form.

Entertainment Registration Form

Entertainment FAQ's

Donate Product or Other Items

Swagger - What the vendor needs to know

The “Swagger” is like a Cake Walk for the children who attend the festival.  It is fun and provides a way for attendees to win substantial prizes.

It also benefits vendors.  It gets attendees to circulate through all the booths as they seek tickets to participate in the swagger and provides vendors with and additional opportunity to promote their organization/ business.

Prizes: Prizes are donated by vendors.  Vendors are encouraged to include items that directly promote their business such as coupons, a free trial of their service, or a free sample of their product, but please remember that the items need to be attractive to young children.  Items attractive to children may include books, stuffed animals, puppets, games, toys, puzzles, candy, baked goods ($5-20 value).  Perhaps consider a small gift basket with a combination of a couple items.

Tickets: Any vendor that donates an item as a prize will get a set of tickets to distribute to children for them to participate in the game. This ensures that the vendor’s booth will be visited.

Silent Auction Items

The Johnstown Milliken District Preschool PTO is holding a silent auction at the Children’s Festival with all proceeds going toward raising funds for a canopy to provide shade for the preschool playground at Milliken Elementary. Items for the silent auction are greatly appreciated.

Donation Request Letter

Details on Dates

Sponsorship due

Must be a sponsor by February 27 for sponsor’s logo to be included on all flyers and posters promoting the event.

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline is Fri March 22nd. Registration can be completed by Fri March 29 with an additional $10 late fee. No lunches can be ordered with late registration.

Set Up Time

Sat April 6 from 7:00am-9:30 – refreshments provided. The area/driveway at the front entrance to the high school will be for unloading only and available only until 9:15am. NO PARKING in this area. (It is reserved for community service vehicles - fire truck and police cars - attending the festival.) Setting up can also be done through the gyms with doors that are accessed from the east side of the high school. More details to follow.

Marketing of Event:

  • Flyers go home to all the local elementary school students at least 2 times prior to the event.
  • Facebook at ‘Children's Festival – Johnstown/Milliken’ and ‘Johnstown Milliken News’
  • Web Site via ‘Johnstown Milliken News’
  • Banners & Yard Signs placed around the community
  • Posters hung locally in businesses and at key locations in community
  • Milliken Water Bill
  • Mini Flyers

Advertise the Event:

11x17 Full Color Poster  - available first week in March
8.5x11 Full Color Poster
Bilingual Flyer
Mini Flyer, 4/pg

Your Booth
Must have an Activity for Children - Make it Fun!

The planning committee wants to encourage all our vendors to give special attention to the activity they provide for the children attending the festival. Families attend the festival primarily because it is a fun event – for the whole family, but especially the children. The more fun and engaging your activity is, the more successful your booth and the entire Children’s Festival will be.

  • Please no face painting. There is face painting business that has paid for a booth.
  • It is estimated that 500 children attended the 2018 festival, so be prepared for 150 or more to visit your booth.
  • If you need suggestions, please contact

Staff a Children’s Activity Booth

Have you ever wondered about participating in the Children’s Festival, but were not sure about how relevant your business might be, this is your opportunity! There are going to be a limited number of booths that are simply children’s activities. These activities will be provided by the Children’s Festival planning committee. However, we need staffing for these booths. Staff a booth. Wear your company t-shirt and have business cards on hand. Have a presents and join the fun without booth fees or other booth challenges.

Booth Tips

  • Donate a (promotional) item to the Swagger. It will promote your organization/business with the item, but in addition, attendees will need to visit your booth to get tickets to participate in the Swagger.
  • Donate a (promotional) item to the Silent Auction.
  • Offer coupons, specials, have a drawing, give away small items
  • No sitting – engage attendees
  • Watch for more booth tips in your email.

A Note about Snakes.

It has become an extremely popular tradition for the Children’s Festival to have a booth with live snakes and other reptiles. If you are uncomfortable with snakes, please indicate it with registration and it will be taken into account with booth placement.

Print Vendor Info

Registration and payment on-line:

Click on the register button to the left.

Pay via Credit Card or PayPal

Other Registration and payment:

Print: Registration Form
Checks payable to "
Johnstown Milliken News"

Mail with check:

Johnstown Milliken News
PO Box 2
Johnstown, CO 80534

Drop off locations with check: (not available between 3/22 & 3/29 due to spring break)

Johnstown Milliken District Preschool
ATTN: Chanin Gaona
c/o Letford Elementary School
2 North Jay Ave, Johnstown


Johnstown Milliken District Preschool
ATTN: Chanin Gaona
c/o Milliken Elementary School
100 Broad St, Milliken

Payments non-refundable

We are looking forward to another wonderful
Children's Festival.

Thank you!

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